The distinctive colours of the Aboriginal flag have flown as a symbol of unity and identity for Aboriginal Australians since the 1970s. The colours black (symbolising the Aboriginal people), red (the earth and spiritual connection to the land) and yellow (the sun, giver of life) are prominent in the museum’s badge collection. The predominant theme is the struggle for Aboriginal land rights, with badges worn at protests at major events such as the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, and celebrating milestones such as the recognition of native title in the 1993 Mabo decision. Other badges support reconciliation and advocate the constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians.

I’m on safari with S.S.A.A.F Land rights before games Aboriginal flag Mabo, I support Aboriginal land rights! Stop the racists—black, Asian, white, unite and fight Neville Bonner’s Liberal Party of Australia Life Member badge Stolen generations commemorative badge, Sorry Day - 26th May Sharing our future, Corroboree 2000 Walking Together: Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation 40th anniversary, 1967 Referendum