After 2000

Badges from the new millennium commemorate important milestones in Australian social history, including anniversaries of the eight-hour day decision and the 1967 referendum. The 2000s see the development of internet activism, exemplified by WikiLeaks; a renewed ‘No War’ message in response to Australia’s involvement in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan; and ongoing debate regarding unauthorised immigration to Australia. Public support for reconciliation with Indigenous Australians, including recognition of the Stolen Generations, is well represented in the museum’s badge collection.

Lesbian Pride Australian Apathy Association Sharing our future, Corroboree 2000 Politically correct Oh! So that explains the difference in our pay Walking Together: Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Amnesty International Liberal Politically incorrect Troops out of Iraq Labor for Refugees It’s Timor’s Oil Stop Howard Free to be Australian Kids don’t belong in detention centres No war Justice for Hicks & Habib Open the borders! Justice for refugees! Your rights at work: Worth fighting for Australia must commit 0.7% ABC friend 30 years of dissent, 3CR 855AM Eight hour day 40th anniversary, 1967 Referendum I only drink with liberals Animal experiments are wrong Stop the dredge, save our bay God is love Truth Mouth Wikileaks hands off! Dare to struggle, dare to win! 28 April: Workers Memorial Day  Guarantee Gonski #I’llridewithyou