From the late 1960s the second wave of feminism sought to empower women beyond their traditional roles and to politicise previously private issues such as sexual assault and domestic violence. Badges from the museum’s collection encompass the broad range of issues arising out of gender inequalities, including equal pay, women in leadership roles, women’s reproductive rights and advocacy by organisations such as the Women’s Electoral Lobby. The badges also document the ways in which women have protested against war and celebrated peace.

WEL National Abortion Campaign: A woman’s right to choose The unborn have no freedom of choice Thursdays in Black Woman’s place is in the House and in the Senate Another man against violence against women Stamp out domestic violence Close Pine Gap Nov 11 women for survival Adam was a rough draft It’s not only men in uniform who pay the price of war Pornography promotes violence against women Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition Lesbian Pride Oh! So that explains the difference in our pay