War and peace

The spectre of war looms large in the museum’s badge collection, which includes a fascinating collection of badges from the First World War period. The contentious nature of the Vietnam War is evident, with more contemporary conflicts in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the United States also represented. Many badges in the collection celebrate peace and non-violent protest. Human rights are advocated and championed with badges produced by humanitarian organisations such as Amnesty International and by community groups including Food Not Bombs.

The Dardanelles, Australia Day 1915 Fight on, fight ever, boycott German trade I will help until the war is won Vote yes, Oct 28 1916 Peace loan 1919 subscriber Sack Menzies Work for peace N.S.W. welcomes President Johnson Don’t register for national service Stop work to stop the war Nuclear war would kill all these creatures Join the people who aren’t joining the army Woman for survival Close Pine Gap Nov 11 women for survival Peace From trident to life It’s not only men in uniform who pay the price of war Printers for peace Free Xanana Gusmão Amnesty International Troops out of Iraq Stop Howard No war Justice for Hicks & Habib