From trident to life


Donated by Peter Stanley

Museum of Australian Democracy collection

Trident is a submarine-launched ballistic missile system developed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin in the United States. In 1994 the system entered service for the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy, fourteen years after it was selected as the replacement for the submarine-launched Polaris missile.

Each Trident missile is designed to carry up to twelve nuclear warheads; those of the Royal Navy are armed with three. Since 1998 Trident has been the only British nuclear weapons system in service, intended as a deterrent against major threats to the security of the United Kingdom.

The donor of this badge, Peter Stanley, writes:

In the early 1980s I felt strongly that nuclear energy and weapons needed to be contested. The danger of nuclear war in the final decade of the Cold War seemed overwhelming. I wore this badge … on my shoulder bag, at Hiroshima day demonstrations, for example.