Take a stand

The variety of single-issue badges, either mass-produced or made individually by hand, is a tangible expression of the democratic right to freedom of speech. Badges in the museum’s collection celebrate democracy and the right to have a say. They call for freedom for the oppressed, support public transport, question political correctness, denounce racism and celebrate diversity.

Wattle Day 1926 All for Australia League Sack Menzies N.S.W. welcomes President Johnson Don’t register for national service WSA: Defeat U.S. imperialism Stop work to stop the war WEL Nuclear war would kill all these creatures Save me For a nuclear-free Pacific Free O'Meally Independence for Australia National Abortion Campaign: A woman’s right to choose If voting could change the system, it would be illegal I’m a Citizen for Democracy The unborn have no freedom of choice Women’s liberation No smoking Thursdays in Black Woman’s place is in the House and in the Senate State rail has gone bananas Boycott Fraser Save Medicare Join the people who aren’t joining the army Another man against violence against women We’re not all straight in the Garden State I am an enemy of the state No dams in south-west Tasmania More trees please Land rights before games Local action, global benefits Solidarność Stamp out domestic violence Woman for survival Close Pine Gap Nov 11 women for survival Legalise cannabis Peace Cyclists for nuclear disarmament Greenpeace: you can’t sink a rainbow From trident to life Pornography promotes violence against women Minds are like parachutes —they only function when open Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition Printers for peace Save native forests I prefer a tram conductor Difrnt colours one people I’ve already voted “NO!” People need public transport Wearing buttons is not enough No racism Shine Room 1993 Asian brain, Aboriginal brain, European brain, racists’ brain Mabo, I support Aboriginal land rights! Stop the racists—black, Asian, white, unite and fight Free Xanana Gusmão Capitalism sux Badgerys Creek: no airport Australian Apathy Association Politically correct Walking Together: Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Amnesty International Politically incorrect Troops out of Iraq Labor for Refugees It’s Timor’s Oil Stop Howard Free to be Australian Kids don’t belong in detention centres No war Your rights at work: Worth fighting for Open the borders! Justice for refugees! Australia must commit 0.7% ABC friend 30 years of dissent, 3CR 855AM Eight hour day I only drink with liberals Animal experiments are wrong Stop the dredge, save our bay God is love Truth Mouth Wikileaks hands off! Dare to struggle, dare to win!  Guarantee Gonski #I’llridewithyou