c. 2011

Donated by Florian Roderburg

Museum of Australian Democracy collection

This badge was produced to celebrate the diverse viewpoints necessary in a democratic society. The donor, Florian Roderburg, writes:

This badge I created myself. Mouth is my stage alias; I am a singer/songwriter. I chose the name Mouth, because the mouth, or the voice, is the most powerful organ we have. In my opinion too many famous artists do not use their voice to actually accomplish any change. Millions are wasted to promote an act that is just another drop on a hot stone. When me and my supporters wear this badge we are not afraid to share a story, even if it might hurt once in a while. Sharing stories is what makes us human, and by wearing this badge (and passing it on to others) I not only want to promote my own stories (= songs), but encourage everybody to share more of their stories. Sharing has a great deal to do with equality, meaning that each and everybody’s story is worth something, no matter how much it sells. Equality is one of the foundations of democracy. By donating my badge I am happy to be a part of that.