Stop the racists—black, Asian, white, unite and fight

c. 1990s

Donated by Anne Picot

Museum of Australian Democracy collection

This badge was produced by the International Socialist Organisation to campaign against racism.

In the mid-1990s the question of Australia’s immigration policies and multiculturalism came to the fore. One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson, elected to the House of Representatives electorate of Oxley at the 1996 election, was particularly critical of multiculturalism. Her maiden speech to the House of Representatives on 10 September 1996 caused controversy with her comments that Aborigines constituted a privileged class and that Australia was ‘… in danger of being swamped by Asians’. She advocated abolishing multiculturalism and radically reviewing immigration policies.

This badge marks a contentious episode in Australia’s migration history. Public debate over immigration intensified after the arrival of large numbers of unauthorised asylum seekers by boat from Indonesia from the late 1990s.