The museum’s collection features a badge documenting one of the earliest and perhaps most iconic environmental campaigns, the ‘Save the Whales’ campaign of the late 1970s. Since then the effects of human interaction with the natural world have caused environmental issues to remain in the public consciousness. The badges in the collection highlight viewpoints at the centre of environmentalism: wilderness preservation and resource conservation. They include badges from the landmark ‘No Dams’ campaign in Tasmania and the fight to protect of old-growth native forests. Other badges document global environmental concerns such as ocean health, climate change and nuclear weapons testing.

Environmental crisis Save me For a nuclear-free Pacific Radioactivity fades your genes Break Australia’s Nuclear Chain Land Rights for Gay Whales No dams in south-west Tasmania More trees please Uranium Mining – Nuclear Weapons – Nuclear War – Ecocide Greenpeace: you can’t sink a rainbow Save native forests Badgerys Creek: no airport Stop the dredge, save our bay