Show your allegiance, display solidarity, campaign for change, protest injustice or express what matters to you. Wear a badge and participate in democracy.

Explore the collection, learn about important events and social movements, and read touching and inspiring accounts from people who wore some of these badges.

Land Rights for Gay Whales Wearing buttons is not enough From trident to life God is love We’re not all straight in the Garden State Vote yes, Oct 28 1916 No dams in south-west Tasmania I prefer a tram conductor Walking Together: Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Liberal Your rights at work: Worth fighting for Free O'Meally Stop ocean dumping Independence for Australia Work for peace Wikileaks hands off! Save Medicare Identification badge Woman’s place is in the House and in the Senate Wattle Day 1926 Australian Apathy Association Truth I’m on safari with S.S.A.A.F Sharing our future, Corroboree 2000 Australia must commit 0.7% Another man against violence against women For a nuclear-free Pacific Environmental crisis Printers for peace Women’s liberation Join the people who aren’t joining the army Free Xanana Gusmão Peace Amnesty International Stop the dredge, save our bay Badgerys Creek: no airport Politically correct No war Open the borders! Justice for refugees! If voting could change the system, it would be illegal Minds are like parachutes —they only function when open Politically incorrect No racism Boycott Fraser I am an enemy of the state Solidarność I only drink with liberals Justice for Hicks & Habib Fight on, fight ever, boycott German trade Sack Menzies Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union of Australia Dare to struggle, dare to win! Save native forests #I’llridewithyou 30 years of dissent, 3CR 855AM Shine Room 1993 Oh! So that explains the difference in our pay 28 April: Workers Memorial Day Eight hour day Nuclear war would kill all these creatures 40th anniversary, 1967 Referendum Difrnt colours one people Kids don’t belong in detention centres Break Australia’s Nuclear Chain ABC friend I’ve already voted “NO!” Woman for survival Peace loan 1919 subscriber Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition Vote no to the politicians’ republic Stolen generations commemorative badge, Sorry Day - 26th May More trees please Lesbian Pride The Dardanelles, Australia Day 1915 Mabo, I support Aboriginal land rights! All for Australia League Stop work to stop the war Radioactivity fades your genes People need public transport Land rights before games N.S.W. welcomes President Johnson Greenpeace: you can’t sink a rainbow No smoking Stop the racists—black, Asian, white, unite and fight Local action, global benefits Animal experiments are wrong The unborn have no freedom of choice It’s Timor’s Oil Capitalism sux Asian brain, Aboriginal brain, European brain, racists’ brain National Abortion Campaign: A woman’s right to choose State rail has gone bananas You can change the world. Vote Democrat. Thursdays in Black Close Pine Gap Nov 11 women for survival Free to be Australian WSA: Defeat U.S. imperialism WEL Stamp out domestic violence Larry Pickering Don’t register for national service  Guarantee Gonski Legalise cannabis It’s not only men in uniform who pay the price of war I will help until the war is won I’m a Citizen for Democracy Aboriginal flag Cyclists for nuclear disarmament Mouth Labor for Refugees Stop Howard Save me Uranium Mining – Nuclear Weapons – Nuclear War – Ecocide Pornography promotes violence against women Troops out of Iraq Peace, May Day 1957 Amnesty International Neville Bonner’s Liberal Party of Australia Life Member badge Billy Hughes election campaign Adam was a rough draft